Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Training your way One on One training programs can be personalized to benefit not only the beginning exercisers but our advanced clients as well as those interested in sports specific or post rehab training. At One on One, you can be confident that you are receiving the personal attention that will help you meet your fitness, wellness and rehabilitation needs.
Kettlebell Training Kettlebell training uses dynamic total body movements to challenge and improve endurance, strength, balance and agility Kettlebell training is age and gender friendly, as long as you have the desire to change your body like never before.
Martial Arts Training Be ready to challenge yourself both physically and mentally with Martial Arts classes that offer a variety of disciplines.  Learn self-defense techniques that will  also help you develop confidence, charater, a strong mind, and a healthy body.  
No Contracts One on One memberships are no contract – no trainer required.  With no enrollment fees and monthly memberships, getting started at One on One is easy and hassle free.  One on One still offers the most affordable training prices in the metroplex. 
One on One Personal Training & Fitness Center

One on One is dedicated to being the premier personal training center providing professional trainers and personal space to best benefit the fitness goals of our clients. At One on One, we offer you more than the “typical” health club experience that makes accomplishing your fitness goals both fun and easy. No matter your level of fitness, our certified personal training staff will design an exercise program, providing you a more efficient and productive workout with the knowledge, safety and motivation you need to achieve real results. You take the first step and we will help you complete your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

One on One Personal Training